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Successful applicants will be issued with a SkillsPassport Core Assessment certificate, which can be submitted with your CV when applying for jobs. The certificate will demonstrate to potential employers that you have successfully been assessed in the areas outlined below and that you are in the top 3% of applicants!

Employers will have access to search the Talent Pool for Ideal Hires!

Additional certificates are issued for industry-specific job applications

Micro Learning

Position Specific micro-course which is aimed at testing the understanding of the role as well as work ethic

Verbal Reasoning

A measurement of the ability to read and understand printed text accurately. For most careers, it is essential to be able to express oneself accurately in spoken and written form of communication.

Numerical Reasoning

Not only measures the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, it also assesses the use of mathematical skills to solve problems and meet the demands of day-to-day living in complex social settings.

Non Verbal Reasoning

The ability to analyse information and solve problems by using visual and hands-on reasoning.  Assesses the ability to identify relationships between objects, similarities between objects, and memorising them.

Speed, Memory and Accuracy

Assesses functional competencies in areas of accuracy, work speed, and short-term memory. assesses the ability to compare text, numbers, or patterns quickly and accurately and also to detect errors in text or numerical data of various types.

Preference Profile

Measures thinking preferences. Everything we do starts with our brain - the way we think, react to others, make decisions, communicate, choose careers, manage people depends on how we think!

Inner Self

Measures our self-understanding to ascertain the extent to which the inner self-profile matches the ideal profile of a role.

Short Course

Applicants are required to watch a short video clip and complete a quiz afterwards. The intent is twofold (i) to give applicants an idea of what the position entails so they can "Opt out" if not interested. (ii) To test their work ethic, are they prepared to put in the effort?

Video Assessment

Applicants are required to record a short video clip of themselves responding to a set of questions posed by behavioural experts. The video clip is a key behavioural analysis component which allow our behavioural experts to analyse myriad aspects of the applicants’ interaction and behaviour

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How do you identify the best entry-level candidates from the multitudes that apply for a position?

SkillsPassport and its team of behavioural experts bring technology and over 30 years of people profiling experience to entry-level bulk recruitment helping employers to onboard the best possible candidates efficiently and cost-effectively.

Let us give you access to our industry-specific talent pools which are brimming with top talent, each of whom has met the requirements of industry-specific assessments batteries configured by experts.

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